Amber on IY2: Episode 13


remain hard working, remain loving and caring of one another and of us. never forget the effort that you have put into being here, and never forget that we love each and every one of you unconditionally. stay bubbly and bright, or quirky and loud (because your personalities are only a part of your huge charms). remain humble. thank you for thanking us. and thank you for the past half decade, and thank you in advance for the next years to come. we owe you so much.

five dreams, five lives, five girls, five years.

f(x) is officially 5 years old!! Time to go to kindergarten :D J.k. but in all seriousness, the past 5 years haven’t been technically “perfect.” There have been highs, lows, tears of joy & frustration, but through it all, we’ve all stuck together. And that makes everything perfect!! Thank you to all those who’ve made these 5 years a dream for me & the girls, but you know what?…it’s still the beginning!!  So let’s keep going!! Love you guys!!Amber J. Liu [x][1] [2] [insp]

Amber Liu  ❤ (●*∩_∩*●)


A compilation of the great Amber Liu trolling your oppas and unnies

as long as I’m with you then anywhere is fine

F(X) High Cut July Issue